Savory Fig Salad

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Coming at you with this beautiful Savory Fig Salad! You guys, figs are my absolute favorite. Although they serve as a perfect healthy sweet treat, I decided to transform them into something savory. There is nothing better than snagging a bite of this salad packed with the natural sweetness of the figs, the salty crunch from the crispy proscuitto and the punch of earthiness from the fennel and rosemary. This salad will change your perspective on salads forever.


•2 onions

•8 oz. proscuitto

•3 sprigs rosemary

•Bed of greens (I prefer spinach and/or arugula for this recipe)

•8 figs

•1 tbs. Fennel seeds

•Drizzle with balsamic vinegar & olive oil for dressing


Slice onions into half-moons. Caramelize the onions with olive oil on medium heat (pro tip: if you want to speed up the process use balsamic vinegar). Remove the onions, but keep the pan on medium heat to cook the prosciutto -- add a little more olive oil to the pan if needed. Cook prosciutto on medium heat until crispy. Quarter figs.

Chop rosemary. Place everything over a bed of greens.


It tastes as good as it looks, I promise! Enjoy!