Roasted Beet and Baby Carrot Salad

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Beets are always a lifesaver for me while I am on Whole30 because they have the ability to brighten up any dish. When you add beets to what may seem like an ordinary salad, the entire dish transforms into something truly unique. Shoutout to @wholefoods (yet again) for doing all the work and providing us with beautiful pre-cut beets!


•1 lb. baby carrots

•1 lb. roasted beets (pre-made at @wholefoods to keep it simple)

•2 lbs. arugula

•8 oz. sprouts (I love using Alfalfa)

•1 cup raisins

•1 cup pistachios

•1 handful basil

•Champagne vinaigrette (⅓ cup champagne vinegar, 1 cup olive oil, salt and pepper to taste)


Roast baby carrots with olive oil, salt and pepper at 350 degrees for 15 minutes. Chiffonade or simply chop basil. Place all ingredients on a bed of arugula. Drizzle with dressing. Serve cold or at room temperature.


Tag me @simonhallprivatechef in your photos if you decide to make this recipe for your next gathering! I would love to see what you are able to create! Enjoy!