Joining Forces!

I’ve been making Whole30 approved foods for quite some time now, and while I love to serve all of you and see what fun and healthy new recipes I can create for you all to try at home, I figured it was time to add another level to this health journey.

I will be joining forces with Betsy Johnson, an ISSA certified nutrition coach, to bring you additional healthy meal prep items that are gluten-free, Keto, or just all around healthy. I am so excited to add Betsy's nutritional expertise as it will bring more options to the menu that meet a variety of dietary preferences.


Betsy has a passion for exercise and has competed in numerous races such as Ironman events, marathons, and triathlons. When Betsy was seriously training for these races, she began to educate herself on the nutrition side of these events. She understands what it means to compete, but most importantly, how to fuel your body correctly for an ultimate lifestyle change. Betsy has a passion for nutrition and sports and loves to help people reach their ultimate goal in weight loss and lifestyle changes.

Betsy’s passion as well as her expertise is something I am so excited to add to the Simon Hall Private Chef experience as we both agree that nutrition is at the core of personal happiness, healthy living, and growth.

The menu is up and ready and features items like Power Quinoa Bowl, Grilled Shrimp, and Overnight Oats! Check out the new menu items and let me know what you think of the options!

First day for delivery/pickup with the new menu is Monday, March 11.