Watermelon Spritzers

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I'm about to show you how to get the party started! These Watermelon Sprizers are my absolute favorite way to have a Whole30 approved celebratory drink. I strongly believe that anything with fresh watermelon will taste amazing, but when you add @lacroixwater or @bublywater to the mix, it's magic. No one will miss the alcohol with these fun mocktails!



•1 watermelon, diced small

•Your favorite flavor of @lacroixwater or @bublywater

•Fresh mint, lime or watermelon slice to garnish (optional)


Simply smash the diced watermelon until juiced. Feel free to leave some small chunks! Pour into your favorite cocktail glass, fill only to about halfway and top with your watermelon cubes and juice. Add your choice of garnish.


Cheers! You can see more from this birthday party over on my feed -- @simonhallprivatechef