How to Successfully Complete the Whole30 – With Kids!

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So you have decided to embark on a Whole30 journey, but you have kids. Now you face a question -- should you include them in your new meal plan or buy separate groceries for them? I am here to tell you that not only should you include your kids, you should excite them for the new meal plan in your house to help them be the best they can be!

When you think about telling your kids that you are cutting out sugar, dairy, grains and other food from their diets, you can imagine they may not initially be very excited. After all, what kid would be excited to cut all their favorite sugary treats out for a month? However, we have a few tips to make the transition easier.


Focus on the Positive

In the coming weeks before your family begins the Whole30 meal plan, begin discussing with your kids why you have made the decision to begin a healthier lifestyle. Rather than focusing on the bad about your current diet and seemingly switching to the Whole30 for negative reasons, tell your kids about the benefits a Whole30 meal plan can bring. Do not make it seem as if the family needs a “diet,” but rather a lifestyle change to make them feel stronger and healthier.

Keep it Interactive

We also suggest starting a countdown to the start of your Whole30 journey and plan a kickoff meal to get your family started. Take your kids to the store, have them pick out Whole30 approved items for the meal and use this time as a teaching experience to share what ingredients and food items are or are not Whole30 approved.

Be Realistic

An important aspect of planning a Whole30 journey for the whole family is to be prepared. Your children may experience a setback or two while on the Whole30—keep your expectations realistic here and encourage them rather than shame them if they make a mistake. In order to keep your children positive about the experience, have an honest, ongoing dialogue with them about any concerns they may have. In addition, let them be in charge of some meal choices. If your family typically eats pasta every Sunday night for dinner, let your children decide what vegetable they would like to have on the side of their grilled chicken for Sunday dinner this week.

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The Whole30 can seem daunting before you begin, but as you continue your new meal plan, you will get into the groove of things and start feeling amazing! Do not let the fact you have kids stop you from achieving your Whole30 goals. Kids are never too young to learn about healthy eating habits and you may be surprised at all the new vegetables and food they now like!