The Final Countdown: 3 Tips to Survive Your Last Week of Whole30

Anyone else on Day 22 of their Whole30? The month long road hasn't been easy- if you're like me you've battled cravings, wrestled with meal prep, and managed a powerful sugar dragon on top of an already busy daily schedule. Hopefully by now you're getting the hang of it and even feeling better, sleeping more, and crushing your Whole30 goals. But, all of that to say, your final week can be especially taxing as the finish line is just in sight but still a few days away. Here are 3 of my tips to make that last push to the finish line even easier. 

#1: Get Creative

It’s no surprise that Whole30 approved ingredients are different from those that you are used to eating on a daily basis. With that being said this new realm of cuisine can be overwhelming and can make you feel as though your food options are severely limited. The silver lining here is that there are plenty of new food creations that are waiting to be discovered. With one week to go, make eating easier by researching or creating a new recipe that you haven’t sampled during your time on the program. An excellent resource for finding new and innovative recipes for Whole30 is, @whole30recipes or head over to my Instagram and follow along with me. If you've been meal prepping the same items just to make your daily menu easier then you're probably suffering from “flavor fatigue." Having variety in your meals will help keep you motivated and excited about what you’re eating each day!

#2: Know Where to Go

If you’re a fan of eating out Whole30 might seem like a death sentence, but in reality it’s all about knowing your options! If the last week has you feeling like you’re in a meal slump or your caught in a pinch without time for meal prep, go get yourself a Whole30 approved meal from a local restaurant. Chipotle, First Watch, and Zoe's are some of my favorite quick bites when I'm on the go. Maybe swing by Whole Foods and check out the hot bar or snoop around Earth Fare and see what they've got cooking. Don't let the last week catch you off guard!

#3: Treat Yo'self

At this point you’ve spent countless hours meal prepping, cleaning, and researching. With the final week on the horizon it's important to reward yourself and celebrate your successes. If you've been washing the same pots and pans every night after meal prep maybe it's time to splurge and buy another pan to add to the mix. If meal prepping and grocery shopping feel like they're going to push you over the edge maybe treat yourself to a week of my Whole30 Approved meal prep. Since everything is completely Whole30 compliant you don't have to read labels or worry about anything sneaking in. Plus, if you're in the Nashville, Knoxville, and Chattanooga (and soon to be Atlanta) areas you can have your meals delivered right to your home or work. Take a night or two off from meal prep stress with some of my Chicken, Kale & Broccoli soup or Beef Bolognese and kick back and relax!