Why Do Whole30 For 30 Days?

Why 30 days?

I get this question quite often. Why is Whole30 specifically 30 days? Why is it not shorter or something to follow as a lifetime commitment? Fad diets are all too familiar to us in today’s society, and the Whole30 challenge can sometimes be lumped into that category. However, the overall goal of the challenge is to eat whole foods while “resetting” the body for future eating and lifestyle habits. I’m sure there are many answers to these questions, but I tend to focus on the fact that this challenge is meant to create a new relationship with food.

I started my journey as someone who was constantly tired and in pain. I needed a forceful push in the right direction to get me smiling and back on my feet again. Choosing to take the Whole30 challenge is difficult and, quite frankly, a punch in the face at the beginning. But that’s the point. As I mentioned, the point of the 30 days is to reset the body. By removing sugars, alcohol and other inflammatory substances you are able to train your brain to no longer crave these items during and even after the challenge. This is when the new relationship begins to form.

Committing to the 30 days is so vital to the success of this challenge. The body begins to adjust to these new habits which eventually results in a new mindset. Your tastes begin to change and your cravings become fewer. Post-Whole30 life is the most educational and beneficial time to truly understand your body and what it needs. By ending the challenge after 30 days, you are able to discover how your body reacts to those foods that were forbidden during your challenge. From this moment, you will have a better understanding of what foods are necessary for your own unique health and which ones are harmful.

Everyone’s Whole30 journey is different. The challenges are different and even the results can be quite different. However, I do know that if I hadn’t stuck out the entire 30 days on that first challenge, I wouldn’t where I am today. Things change during the course of that month. You change. By the end of it, your relationship with food will be molded into something new, something you never thought you could achieve. Clean eating is the answer to a healthy life and it takes commitment to completely reset your mind and your body to think that way. Respect your body, respect your food and believe that you can do it.